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I have been doing yoga for almost 7 years and have been practicing all forms of yoga alongside Heike.
Her journey is so inspiring.
From her first class to every class, she makes me realize my yoga practice is constantly changing and my body and mind has no limits.
I am always learning, growing and stretching towards more...

As a Forrest yoga teacher she really gives more than a workout. Her classes are like an exploration and an adventure to self discovery.
Its not just physical, its emotional and spiritual as well.
Heike's own amazing practice inspires me to to push myself and her handstand challenge shows that with dedication and focus, everyone can improve day by day.
Heike is not just a great teacher she is a special yogi friend.
Love, Light and NAMASTE
Rozanne Whyte

I'm no authority on yoga so, rather than a review, this is an account of my experience in Heike's classes. That experience will be different from the norm (if there is a 'norm') - I have an abnormal congenital condition. Right-sided hemiparises. It's a weakness of the right side of the body causing (or caused by), amongst other things, nerve retardation ... resulting in a lack of muscle intelligence. I'm including my left side too; after 45 or so years of compensating for the right, it's just as mixed up and confused as the right.

When I started yoga it was about getting into shape but I was not even that serious about it. Heike's easy going approachable nature kept me going back. She made the classes enjoyable even though they were tough as well. She has a way with people that you got to love. The way she encourages one makes you feel " I Can Do It". There are days when you feel you did not have a good class maybe its cause of the space you were in or you just couldn't let go of a bad day you had but on these day just listening to Heike's soothing voice makes one feel I'm glad I got onto my mat today.
Thank You Heike

Prema Munusamy

Thank you Heike for a wonderful Forrest Yoga session on Saturday, The passion you have for what you do is felt through your teaching, excellent experience #GottaBelieveit

Sarisha Ramanand

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