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Forrest Yoga sessions

Forrest Yoga for Chronic Conditions & Illnesses

chroniciconChronic conditions include asthma, high blood pressure, eating disorders, addictions, depression and diseases of the immune system (HIV, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc.). Illnesses include cancer, hernias and pneumonia.
People with chronic conditions or illnesses tend to think that they can't do yoga, when in fact there is quite a bit of research out there showing that yoga can help relieve symptoms like pain, anxiety, stress and depression. In short, having a regular yoga practice can help improve several aspects of your quality of life.
Classes for students with chronic conditions and illnesses are custom-made and carefully sequenced to ensure the student's safety and comfort.
If you suffer from a chronic condition or illness and would like to improve your quality of life,
please complete the enquiry form or give me a call. For me, one of the most fulfilling aspects of teaching Forrest Yoga is seeing it make a difference in my students' life.

Forrest Yoga for Injuries

injuryiconPeople who are injured tend to think that they can't do yoga, that the injury needs rest and maybe physiotherapy to heal. But having an injury is actually the time when yoga can be of most service to you. Forrest Yoga is a healing practice that should help you to ease the pain in your body, to understand why the pain is there and to learn what you can do to free yourself from suffering. It teaches you how to use your breath effectively and how to shift your focus inside to feel and find out what works for you and your body and what doesn't.
Contrary to how we regard it, physical pain is not the foe. It is meant to be a warning sign for us to proceed with caution, but not to go completely numb. In her book Fierce Medicine, Ana T. Forrest likens it to "a dark prison cell: you can put your head down and try to blast through the wall (the athlete's approach), you can back away from the wall and stay imprisoned (as many do), or you can reach out and really explore the wall until you find the door, open it, and step free."
If you are interested in stepping free, please complete the enquiry form or give me a call. Having had injuries of my own, I am fascinated by working with students with physical problems. For me, one of the most fulfilling aspects of teaching Forrest Yoga is seeing my students' physical health improve session by session.

Forrest Yoga for Sportspeople

funiconIn spite of what many people may think, yoga is not just for women or people who want to relax. Many professional athletes have discovered the benefits of yoga to build strength, increase flexibility and improve balance, breath control and body awareness. Studies have shown that the physical benefits of practicing yoga also include a lowered heart rate, increased oxygen intake, enhanced focus and greater concentration.
Whether you are a professional athlete or in it just for fun, Forrest Yoga can help you improve your performance, prolong your sporting career and lower your risk of injury. If you are interested,
please complete the enquiry form or give me a call.

Forrest Yoga for Fun

sportsiconIn spite of Forrest Yoga being renowned as a healing practice, it can also just be plain old fun. If you love pushing your own boundaries and would like to learn how to float or stand on your hands, join me for one of my regular classes (hyperlink events page) or please complete the enquiry form to enquire about one-on-one sessions.