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About Heike

Yoga Teacher & Healing Facilitator

heike2Before I became a full-time Forrest Yoga Teacher, I worked as an office manager and translator in a regular 9-to-5 job. Having no idea what I really wanted to do, I felt quite stuck, immobile and numb. In search of some form of physical exercise that fit my non-competitive mindset I came across yoga in 2008. What initially started as a way to stay fit developed into a passion and practice that has given me back the connection to myself.

I had toyed with the idea of becoming a yoga teacher right from the start, but although I enjoyed the styles of yoga I was practicing immensely, none of them seemed to resonate with me enough to complete a teacher training. In 2011 I attended a workshop by Ana T. Forrest and after just 5 minutes I knew that I had found the teacher and style that truly speaks to me. I completed the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training in the UK in June 2012 and discovered a whole new depth in my practice and in working with my physical and emotional issues.

I have completely fallen in love with the intensity of Forrest Yoga and its ability to reach the places in my body where the energy is stuck or where healing is needed. Getting sweaty on the mat and making space in my body and mind means the world to me and I am very excited and deeply honoured to have the opportunity to share this empowering, energizing and healing practice with my students and to do my bit in mending the hoop of the people.


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