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    Forrest Yoga teaches you how to breathe deeply, connect in feeling with your body and use the power of your breath to bring aliveness into every cell of your body.
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    Forrest Yoga teaches you to connect to your core, to be strong and centred.
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    Forrest Yoga teaches you to become proficient at safely tailoring each pose to work best for you, particularly with physical and emotional injuries.
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    Forrest Yoga's intent is to create a sense of freedom, a connection to your Spirit and the courage to walk as your Spirit dictates.
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    Long holds help you progress in the poses and go deeper; the heat generated helps free your body from toxins; the deep breathing oxygenates and rejuvenates every cell in your body.
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Heike's Forrest Yoga Sessions

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Forrest Yoga for Chronic Conditions and Illnesses
Forrest Yoga
for Injuries
Forrest Yoga
for Sportspeople
Forrest Yoga
for Fun
Classes for students with chronic conditions and illnesses are custom-made and carefully sequenced to ensure the student's safety and comfort.  People who are injured tend to think that they can’t do yoga, that the injury needs rest and maybe physiotherapy to heal.  Many professional athletes have discovered the benefits of yoga to build strength, increase flexibility and improve balance, breath control and body awareness. If you love pushing your own boundaries and would like to learn how to float or stand on your hands, join me for one of my regular classes
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Join me for Forrest Yoga group sessions in Johannesburg

When: Saturdays 08h00 - 09h30   |   Mondays 18h00 - 19h15
Where: 106 Beyers Naude Drive
(coming from Melville, on the right hand side - the tree with red fabric around the trunk)

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